Nigella Miss Jekyll - love in a mist - seed

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Classic cottage garden plant. with pretty blue open flowers like tiny waterlilies, on long stems ideal for cutting.

Ferny foliage and decorative seedpods that dry beautifully add to the charm. Plant alongside its sister white version for a lovely effect. 

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Nigella 'Miss Jekyll' - love in a mist

DESCRIPTION : Pale blue open flowers on long stems ideal for cutting. Ferny lacy foliage. Decorative urn-shaped large seedpods suitable for drying. Classic cottage garden plant, 40-50cm high.
SOWING : Sow seed in situ Autumn and Winter everywhere but VIC, and Spring-Summer in VIC and cooler regions. Cover seed lightly with a thin layer of soil. Germinates in 10-14 days
PLANTING : Water seedlings regularly until established and continue to provide water especially during dry spells. Flowers in around 14 weeks after germination
CARE : Mulch plants to keep the shallow roots cool in summer. For an extra long flowering season, remove spent blooms and feed with liquid fertiliser
CONTENTS : 500 seeds

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