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Give a Gift With Meaning

Celebrate a special occasion, milestone event, or significant anniversary by sending a plant gift with meaning.

Plants For Anniversaries

Traditionally, certain gifts are given to commemorate key milestones, especially for wedding anniversaries.

If someone you know is celebrating a wedding anniversary, these are the traditional precious stones and elements associated with each year, along with Anniversary Plants that perfectly suit these traditional gift themes.

At the end of the page, you'll find more ideas for celebration gifts of plants.



Plants For Celebrations

plant a tree

Plant a Tree For a Newborn

Plants make perfect gifts to celebrate any life milestone.

Banksia Birthday Candles and Giant Candles are a fun way to mark the passing of the years for a keen gardener.

We've got cots-ful of plants with Baby names in our Namesake Plants section.
Even better - why not plant a tree to commemorate the birth of a baby?

You can measure the growth of the tree against the growth of the child.

When that baby is a full grown adult, they'll appreciate the shade their tree will give; and their own children will have a ready-made climbing frame or swing support to enjoy.



Give a Plant to Say Congratulations

We have plants to mark a cause for celebration, like a graduation, a promotion, a wedding - or even a divorce!

Toast the occasion with Bubbles michelia, Pink Champagne callistemon, Elegans Champagne camellia, and Sprakling Burgundy camellia.


Say "well done" on an achievement with Red Victory, Success Red and White Winner anthuriums.


Give a Plant to Say I Love You!

We also have plants to show someone you love them, any day of the year.

Give them True Love fragrant gardenia, White Heart anthurium, and Sweetheart purple hardenbergia.

Or gift them a plant that shares their name, in our Namesake Plants selection.
With plants, there's no need to wait until Valentine's Day to share the love!