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Milder than the flat Italian parsley, ideal for salads - and very ornamental in bedding and borders. Are you #teamcurly ?
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Petroselinum crispum - curled parsley

DESCRIPTION: Biennial herb with large super-curly leaves and a rounded habit. Curled parsley has a more mild flavour than the flat Italian variety making it ideal for salads and cold dishes. Perfect for tabbouleh and fattoush.
PLANTING: Sow year round and during Winter in warmer locations. Sow seeds into seed raising mix or direct & thin to 2-3 plants at approx 5cm in height. A full sun position is ideal although parsley will tolerate part shade.
USE IN: Add to almost any dish for a healthy boost of freshness. Parsley is high in vitamin C and Iron. Leaves may be frozen for later use.
CARE: Parsley loves plenty of water, for best results water regularly, you'll be rewarded with loads of lush leaves. Mulch plants to retain moisture in the soil. Boost new growth by applying liquid fertiliser monthly. 










30-40cm H x 30cm W

 30 cm

5mm  21-28 days


Contains 1000 seeds.

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