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  1. Bee-Friendly Gardening

    Bee-Friendly Gardening
    Without bees, almost all edible crops would be unpollinated – no fruits, no vegetables, no nuts. Many favourite garden flowers would go unpollinated too – no seeds for future plants. And no honey for our toast. Help restore declining bee populations by finding a place for bee-friendly plants, in even the smallest of outdoor spaces.
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  2. Which Plants Are Best For Clay Soils?

    Which Plants Are Best For Clay Soils?
    Want to ditch the shovel and plant a garden? There's a surprising range of plants suited to clay soil, from groundcovers to feature trees. Many favourite native plants are ideal, they're naturally exposed to prolonged periods of rain followed by drought.
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  3. Plants for Health & Wellbeing

    Plants for Health & Wellbeing
    Plants can add beauty and a sense of nature to our homes and offices, shopping malls and public spaces. But did you know they also help us feel better, and stay healthier, physically and mentally?
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  4. How to Plant Spring Bulbs

    How to Plant Spring Bulbs

    Bulbs are such rewarding plants to grow - child's play to plant, happy growing in gardens or pots, and can slip into the tiniest spaces to provide a burst of colour. We've got bulbs for cold climates and bulbs for subtropical ones. Here's our top ten tips for simple successful bulb planting

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  5. Women In Horticulture

    Women In Horticulture
    To mark International Women's Day, March 8th, we remember some of the significant Australian women working in horticulture.
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  6. Which Plants Are Best For Your State?

    Which Plants Are Best For Your State?
    At Australian Plants Online we frequently get asked "what are the best plants for my garden in Central Coast/Far North Queensland/Inner West Sydney/etc" - and here's our suggestions.
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  7. How To Look After Variegated Plants

    How To Look After Variegated Plants
    Variegation in plants means colour all year in the garden. Variegated plants are ideal for the Australian climate. They need a little different care to an all-green plant - find out how to keep your variegated plants looking perfect here.
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  8. Which Flowering Hedge is Best For You?

    Which Flowering Hedge is Best For You?

    Flowering hedges are ideal for creating privacy in the garden, with the bonus of bright flowers to liven things up! Flowering hedges may be clipped neatly in formal gardens, or left to grow for a wilder rustic feel. There's a flowering shrub for almost any garden style, and any climate. Here's some of our favourites.

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  9. Which Plants Are Best For Coastal Gardens?

    Which Plants Are Best For Coastal Gardens?

    Our beautiful beaches are a playground for all of us, whether we're swimming and surfing, building sandcastles with the bubs, or taking a stroll. Living by the coast is relaxing and energising, but can be hard on our garden plants, with drying winds, little shade, and salt spray. Find out which plants cope with these conditions best.

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  10. Firewise Plants

    Firewise Plants
    Bushfires are terrifying and unpredictable - and all organic material has the potential to burn in a bushfire. But you can plan your garden to be more fire safe through the plants you choose.
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