Chives - seed

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Grow in a pot handy to the kitchen, snip a few leaves and chop finely to quickly jazz up egg and cheese based dishes. Or leave it to flower in pretty purple puffs. Good companion plants for parsley, carrots, tomatoes.

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Allium schoenoprasum - chives - seed

DESCRIPTION: Upright growing grass-like herb with a subtle garlic/onion flavour. Flower heads are delicate pink and edible, sprinkle florets over green salads to enhance flavour and as a garnish. 
PLANTING: Sow year round in most climates avoiding extreme heat and cold. Sow seeds into seed raising mix in small clumps of 2-4 seeds, later thin to the strongest plant.
USE IN: Use to flavour delicate cheese, egg and vegetable based dishes. For a delicious potato topper, finely chop chives and gently mix into softened butter for later use.
CARE: For best results water regularly and apply liquid fertiliser monthly.










25cm H

 15 cm

6mm  12-18days


Contains 750 seeds.

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