Oregano - seed

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Easy to grow versatile aromatic herb - add fresh leaves to Mediterranean & Mexican dishes for authentic flavour. Makes an ornamental groundcover for sunny spots, with masses of flowers which pollinators love. Good companion plants for cabbages.
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Oregano - seed
Origanum vulgare

DESCRIPTION: Dense growing herb with small leaves and a rich flavour. Plant as a flowering groundcover in rock gardens or keep handy to the kitchen on a sunny window sill.
PLANTING: Sow spring and summer in most parts of Australia and winter in Northern States. Sow seeds direct into final position, gently press the seeds into the soil, keep moist until seedlings emerge. Thin and transplant at approx to 20cm apart. Plant in full sun for early harvest and strong growth.
USE IN: Oregano is a robust aromatic, perfect paired with Mediterranean and Mexican style dishes. Harvest fresh leaves regularly before flowers appear.
CARE: Prepare soil prior to planting with well composted manure, mulch plants to retain moisture in the soil. Water weekly with a good drenching, oregano can tolerate short periods of dry. For best results keep the water up to your plants & apply liquid fertiliser every two weeks. 













40cm  20cm 1-2mm  16-20 days  As needed

 Contains 1500 seeds.

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