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Gardenia Golden Magic

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Unique hedging gardenia whose attractive blooms age to a rich golden creamy yellow. Glossy foliage, highly scented flowers summer through to winter. Tall to 2m, making an glamorous hedge or privacy screen.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Golden Magic'

DESCRIPTION: A glossy, evergreen shrub to 1.5-2m with rich green foliage and strongly fragrant brilliant white flowers that turn golden yellow as they age.   Flowers summer through to winter.
USES: Ideal for hedges, massed planting or as a single specimen.
PLANTING: A sunny sheltered position is ideal in the warmer parts of Australia.  Shelter from strong winds and exposed sites.   Plant in a free draining soil rich in organic matter.  A potting mix rich with peat moss or humus is ideal added at the time of planting.
CARE: Mulch and water well, prune after flowering.  Plant in a soil which is medium to acidic.Feed with a fertiliser for acid-loving plants every 2-3 months. Water regularly with seaweed solution. Spray with Eco-Oil to kill aphids, scale, and other pests.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 2m H x 1.5m W.
YOUR PLANTS: These are tubestock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot sze is 80 mm x 42 mm wide. You can see an example in the image gallery
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