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Replenish exhausted soil the natural organic way with a cover crop of green manure. Legumes fix nitrogen in the soil, green leaves provide nutrients, the plants will also slow any rainfall and keep it in the paddocks and garden beds and not running off with your topsoil down the street.
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Green manure
CONTENTS: Contains a mix of : fenugreek (Trigonella), oats (Avena), clover (Trifolium), vetch (Vicia), millet (Echinochloa), buckwheat (Fagopyrum) and broccoli(Brassica). Provides green compost and nitrogen-fixing plants to replenish soil fertility
PLANTING: Sow direct on bare soil, fallow veg plots, or onto the paddock. In frosty areas sow in Spring, cool areas sow in Autumn, subtropics and tropics sow in late autumn to early spring
CARE: Keep moist through germination and while growing. Water regularly through the growing period. Dig into the soil around 2 months after sowing or just as plants begin to bud. Leave to break down for around six weeks, then plant your next crop.












 40-60cm  1cm  0  7-14 days  as soon as large enough


 Contains 25g seeds

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