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Very early, very fragrant, golden as a free-range egg. Enjoy in pots and vases indoors or naturalise them in your lawn. These tiny flowers pack a real spring punch!

Read our Top Ten Tips on growing bulbs; and see step by step photos of how to plant bulbs.

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Narcissus papyraceus 'Soleil d'Or' - jonquil

APPEARANCE: Jonquils are fast growing, flowering with clusters of sweetly-scented golden yellow blooms with orange centres.
USE FOR: Plant below deciduous trees, or group closely in pots for bright spring flowering colour. Excellent indoor bulbs to enjoy the scent and earlier flowering.
CLIMATE: Frost hardy to Mediterranean; flowers last longer in cooler temperatures

PLANTING: Bulbs thrive in free draining soil. Add grit or gravel to your planting holes if your soil is heavy, or plant up into containers. Cover soil with a good layer of mulch to help regulate soil temperature. They can be grown indoors too, simply pop the bulbs in a pot of crushed rock or pebbles and place in a cool room without light until the bulbs begin to sprout. Once they begin to sprout, put the containers on a sunny windowsill wait for the first flowers to appear, it should take around 4-6 weeks after being exposed to sunlight.
CARE: Once planted, water the soil to set the bulb in place. An occasional light watering is all that's needed until the first flowers appear. Water and feed weekly or if the soil becomes dry, give a good deep water (bulbs are generally at least 5 cms below the surface). Once flowering is finished leave plants to die back, it's not the prettiest sight but don't be tempted to trim the yellowing foliage. The nutrients are being drawn back into the bulbs for next year. When the bulbs die back completely remove spent foliage and leave in place for next season. Or remove for storage - gently dig up bulbs, wash soil away using water and a soft brush for stubborn spots. Place bulbs in a cool shady spot to dry, then store in a dark, well ventilated room. Paper bags are ideal, remember to label each variety!

 Contains 3 bulbs.







Late Summer - late Winter  10cmm 10cm 30-40cm Late Winter - Spring
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