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Nepenthes alata - carnivorous pitcher plant

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All the weirdness without the high maintenance - if you want to get into carnivorous plant growing, start here with this beginner pitcher plant. Treat it like an orchid for good results. And like some orchids, grow it in a pot as normal, or in the fork of a tree.

Nepenthes alata - pitcher plant
DESCRIPTION: Carnivorous epiphytic plant from Philippine rainforests, growing in an arching rosette of apple-green glossy leaves, which develop into codpiece-like tubes at the end filled with bug-dissolving enzymes. Alata is what botanists call "polymorphic", ie variable in appearance and colour from pale olive green through speckled to deep maroon.
USES: Interesting and unusual indoor plant, or outdoors in tropical zones.
PLANTING:  An orchid mix is ideal, with chunks of bark, sphagnum moss or coir to let air to the roots and drain away water fast.
CARE: Loves it humid and warm, definitely above 10C at night. Mist them regularly to keep them happy, water often but don't let them get soggy. Once a year a mature plant might need a pick-me-up, feed with diluted orchid feed.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 10 - 20cm H
PLEASE NOTE: Supplied as 'plugs', slightly smaller than our usual tubestock but with a healthy root system ready for planting or potting on.

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