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Trachelospermum FLAT MAT™ - star jasmine

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Dense compact evergreen carpet plant, perfect over a patio railing to enjoy the scented flowers. Will spread to 4m to cover embankments, rockeries, under trees and shrubs where you need evergreen ground cover. Fast to establish, and a good choice if you think that Trachelospermum jasminoides might be a bit frost-sensitive for your garden.
Trachelospermum asiaticum FLAT MAT™ 'FT01' PBR - star jasmine

APPEARANCE : Ozbreed variety. Compact evergreen climber which establishes quickly, with deep green oval leaves and small white fragrant flowers.
USE FOR : Very versatile as a border plant, low-growing ground cover, or trained over arches and trellises.
PLANTING : Plant in well drained soil in full sun to part shade in the garden.
CLIMATE: Should come through a light frost once established, in a sheltered garden. Trachelospermum asiaticum is more cold-tolerant than T. jasminoides.
CARE : Prune as desired to maintain compact growth, or to form a topiary shape.
MATURE HEIGHT & WIDTH :  30-40 cm H x 3-4 m W.
YOUR PLANTS : These are tubestock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 42 mm wide and 80 mm high.
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