Pansy Black - seed

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Jet black velvety flowers on short stems - as true black as a viola or pansy can get. Compact annual/perennial plant ideal for bedding, baskets, and pots.
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Viola hybrid - pansy 'Blackjack'

DESCRIPTION: Jet black velvety flowers on short stems, ideal bedding and container plant.
PLANTING: Late Summer-Autumn, and spring in cooler parts of Australia. Sow seeds into trays containing seed raising mix, cover with a fine layer of soil and keep moist. Thin seedlings when plants have 2-4 leaves, transplant when seedlings are large enough to handle. Plant in free draining soil in a full sun-partly shaded location for best flowering. Preparing garden beds with well composted manure will give the best results.
CARE: Water seedlings regularly until established and continue to provide water especially during dry spells. Mulch plants to keep the shallow roots cool in summer. For an extra long flowering season, remove spent blooms and feed with liquid fertiliser. Frost hardy once established.












 15cm  20cm  5mm  10-20 days  16 weeks


 50 seeds

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