Ravenala - travellers palm

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Elegant and very distinctive palm, related to the bird of paradise flower. Big banana-like foliage in a giant fan formation that travellers can use as a compass.. Bright denim-blue seeds.
Pollinated by ruffed lemurs in Madagascar, and though we can't guarantee you'll get these in your garden if you plant the palm, we can but dream...

Ravenala madagascariensis - travellers' palm

APPEARANCE: Distinctive Madagascan tree from the Strelitzia (bird of paradise) family which produces big banana-like foliage and green 'bird' flowers. Foliage arranges itself in a fan-shaped form, aligned so the flat sides face east and west to catch the maximum light. Seeds are a bright blue colour.
Small to medium bamboo like palm with dense clusters of cane like stems to 5 metres.  Many glossy leaves
USE FOR:  Stunning tropical feature plant, or as back drop for other tropical plants. It is often used to line driveways and property entries, for which the fan shape lends itself very well.
CARE: Sunny or partly shaded position with morning or afternoon sun. Shelter from strong winds and exposed sites.  Plant in a free draining soil rich in organic matter.  A potting mix rich with peat moss or humus is ideal added at the time of planting
PLANTING: Mulch and water well, prune dead fronds and fertilise in Spring. 
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 7 metres plus x 6m W.
YOUR PLANTS: These are tubestock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80mm high and 42 mm wide
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