Sunflower Royal Velvet - seed

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Deep velvety bronze-burgundy flowers tipped with orange. Long stems for beautiful cut flowers. Plant with compact Solar Flash sunflower and Rudbeckia for a vibrant layered effect! Flowers 10 weeks from sowing.

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Helianthus annuus - sunflower 'Royal Velvet'

DESCRIPTION: Long-stemmed tall branching sunflower with deep velvety bronze-burgundy flowers. Excellent for cut flowers.
PLANTING: Spring to early Summer or in warmer climates, year round. Sow two seeds together directly into garden beds or seed raising mix, apply a generous layer of soil, gently pat down and keep moist. When seedlings are 5cm, thin and keep the most vigorous seedling and transplant to a full sun location in free draining soil.
CARE: Water seedlings regularly until established and during dry periods. Tip prune at the second plant node to encourage dense growth and more flowering. Remove spent flowers to encourage a longer flowering season. Add a slow release fertiliser on planting and follow up with liquid fertiliser applied weekly for best results. Plants may become top heavy when in full flower, use a stake to support the stem.












1.5m H x 30cm W  30cm  12mm  10-14 days  10 weeks


Contains 25 seeds.

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