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So easy you can grow it on kitchen towels on the windowsill! Essential for egg-and-cress sandwiches; great as an easy first gardening project for kids. Super-fast - sow and harvest all year long.

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Lepidium sativum - Organic Fine Curled cress
DESCRIPTION: Small leafy salad microgreen with a mild peppery tang.
SOWING : Sow all year round direct or in containers onto a thin layer of compost, or even moist paper towel, blotting paper, or cotton wool pads. Cover with paper until the seeds germinate. Sow monthly all year round to ensure continuous fresh supply of leaves. Germinates in 7-14 days
PLANTING : Keep moist through germination and while growing. Easy to grow - a great children's first gardening project.
CARE : Water regularly through the growing period. Harvest in just a week or two from sowing, as soon as large enough to snip.
CONTENTS : 2500 seeds

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