Grevillea poorinda Splendour

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Create a paradise for birds with this beautiful dark burgundy-red flowering compact native. Unusual oval foliage for a grevillea with an attractive dark bronze sheen; fast growing and evergreen, with flowers all along the stems.

Grevillea poorinda 'Splendour'
APPEARANCE: Splendour is a native shrub with oval shaped foliage, bronze when young; and bold burgundy-red spider flowers during spring which emerge out of the branches as well as at the stem tips.
USE IN; Grevilleas are loved by honey eaters, flocking to feed on the flowers at dusk and dawn. Ideal for use as a hedge or feature plant.
LOCATION: Well drained clay loam or sandy soil with a neutral to acid pH. Grevilleas can tolerate dry spells, suitable for reasonably cold temperatures and sub tropical climates. It is frost hardy and requires little water once established. This grevillea prefers a full sun to part shade position.
CARE: Water during the first 8-12 weeks until the plant is established. Light pruning after flowering will promote dense growth. Feed with a slow release native fertiliser when buds form - grevilleas can be phosphorus-sensitive so the P ratio of the fertiliser needs to be under 3%.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 2 m H x 1.2 m W.
YOUR PLANTS: These plants are tube-stock plants with healthy young roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 42 mm wide and 80 mm high.

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