Spathoglottis Purple Haze - native orchid

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Easy-care tropical native orchid, loves growing in shaded subtropical borders, moist sunny spots, and pots indoors. Multiplies in clumps creating a lush foliage display. Richly coloured intensely purple flowers year round in warm climates, and spring and summer in cooler parts of Australia. 

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Spathoglottis plicata 'Purple Haze' - native orchid
APPEARANCE : Tropical understory plant which multiplies in clumps creating a lush foliage display. Vibrant purple flowers year round in warm climates and spring and summer in cooler parts of Australia.
ORIGIN : Found in North Queensland rainforests and across the Pacific islands
USE FOR : Borders or mass planting, as a feature in tropical garden settings, suited to containers outside and indoors.
CLIMATE : Frost free, enjoys humidity
PLANTING: Plant in full sun to part shade in free-draining soil. The more sun the plant has, the more water it needs to flower well. Mulch and water regularly until the plant is established, usually around 12 weeks. In the wild it grows in seasonally flooded and moist soils, creek banks, near pond margins; in gardens it prefers regular water and a free-draining soil.
CARE: For longest flowering and lush new growth provide additional water during dry periods and feed with a diluted fertiliser monthly. If clumps become too large dig the plants up and gently separate the bulbs to plant elsewhere
MATURE HEIGHT & WIDTH:  30-60cm H x 30cm W.
YOUR PLANTS : These are tubestock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80mm high and 42 mm wide.
You can see an example in the image gallery.
What is tubestock?

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