Ajuga Chocolate Chip - bugle

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Free-flowering groundcover, a mass of sapphire-blue flowers against rich copper-green leaves in late spring. Superlative weed-suppressing plant, resilient to a wide range of growing conditions. If you want richer brown leaf colour give it some shade for at least part of the day.
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Ajuga reptans 'Chocolate Chip' - bugle flower

DESCRIPTION: Spreading fast-growing groundcover that grows in a dense mat of small slender tan-copper-green leaves, with spring-summer flowers in deep blue. Leaf colour is more intense in shade. Chocolate Chip has smaller leaves than purpurea,.
USE IN:  Mass planting, between pavers and under taller shrubs, ideal natural weed mat.
LOCATION: Plant in part sun to shade in moist, well-draining humus-rich soil for best results. Can survive temporary waterlogging and will grow in clay. Will tolerate sunny locations but needs more water and protecting from afternoon sun. Frost hardy
CARE: No pruning required. Mulch and water regularly until the plant is established, usually around 12 weeks. Water regularly during dry periods. Apply a slow-release fertiliser during Spring
HEIGHT & WIDTH:  10 cm H x 1 m W.
YOUR PLANTS: These are tubestock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80 mm x 42 mm wide.

In Stock in 4-6 weeks
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