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Aromatic cold-hardy perennial with catherine-wheel flowers in shades of pink and purple. Excellent companion plant for veggie gardens to attract beneficial pollinators.
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Monarda didyma - bergamot

DESCRIPTION: Bushy perennial with aromatic leaves and catherine-wheel flowers in shades of purple and pink. Really loved by beneficial pollinators such as honeybees and butterflies. Makes a good cut flower for the home, and an attractive addition to a cottage style garden. Leaves can be used to make tea.
PLANTING: Sow seeds in Spring-Autumn in cooler regions, AutumnWinter in subtropical and tropical regions. Sow directly into final position or in seed trays/pots, and keep moist. Cover seeds with soil to 5mm. Thin plants one they develop 2-4 leaves and are easily handled. Plant in free draining soil with plenty of organic matter in a sunny location for best flowering.
CARE: Water seedlings regularly until established and continue to provide water especially during dry spells. Mulch plants to keep the shallow roots cool in summer. For an extra long flowering season, remove spent blooms and feed with liquid fertiliser












90cm   90cm 5mm  14-28 days  28 weeks


Contains 75 seeds

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