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Cress - seed

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Essential for egg-and-cress sandwiches! Great as an easy first gardening project for children. Heaps of seeds for year-round sowing and harvesting - sow into compost or on a wet paper towel on the kitchen counter.

Cress - Lepidium sativum
DESCRIPTION: Small leafy salad microgreen with a mild peppery tangs.
PLANTING: Sow direct or in containers onto a thin layer of compost, or even moist paper towel, blotting paper, or cotton wool pads. Cover with paper until the seeds germinate. Easy as to grow - a great children's first gardening project.
CARE: Keep moist through germination and while growing. Water regularly through the growing period. Harvest in just a week or two from sowing. Sow monthly all year round to ensure continuous fresh supply of leaves












 5cm  1cm  0  7-14 days  as soon as large enough


 Contains 5000 seeds

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