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Crotalaria cunninghamii - green birdflower

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This native pea is all over the interwebs because its individual flowers look exactly like tiny green birds. As well as its curious appearance, it's also great at fixing nitrogen into impoverished soils, and can bind sand dunes and soil banks to prevent erosion - useful as well as interesting!

Crotalaria cunninghamii - green birdflower, regal birdflower
DESCRIPTION:  Australian native small shrub in the pea family, occuring naturally everywhere except the red centre and top end of WA. Clusters of large chartreuse-green flowers looking like birds feeding on the central stem, appear in winter-spring. Relatives are know as rattlepods because the seed pods rattle - 'crotalon' is Greek for rattle.
USES: attracting honeyeaters and other birds; native gardens, conversation point, nitrogen fixer for soils.
PLANTING: Plant in well drained soils in full sun, protected from frost.
CARE: Prune old flowers and dead foliage regularly.
HEIGHT:  1-3m depending on conditions
YOUR PLANTS: These plants are tubestock plants with healthy young roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80mm high and 42 mm wide.

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In Stock in 1-2 weeks
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