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For many Aussies this is the real Christmas tree, glowing golden in the hottest months of the year in its native WA. The plants are semi-parasitic - living on a host plant but not damaging it - try crepe myrtle as a host for good results.
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Nuytsia floribunda - WA Christmas tree

DESCRIPTION: Native to Western Australia, the semi-parasitic Nuytsia glows up its host trees in summer with panicles of golden-yellow flowers .
PLANTING: Sow seeds year-round avoiding extreme heat and cold. Natives can require a little more care than the average flowering perennial, but are well worth the effort. A sprinkle of Mr Fothergill's seed starter granules will help move things along. Sow seeds on the surface of sand or sterile soil in individual containers or together in a pot. Keep moist in a cool shady spot to germinate.Transplant at 7cm avoiding disturbing the roots. For best flowering, plant in a full sun location.
CARE: Water seedlings regularly until established and infrequently as the plants mature. Tolerates light frost once established. Mulch plants to retain moisture in the soil and fertilise using a native slow release fertiliser.












7m H
2-3mm  3-5weeks  NA


Contains 8 seeds.

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