vote garden party in the elections

We're not here to tell you how to vote.
That's between you and the ever-growing ballot paper...

Besides, if past data is any guide, around 1.5 million of us vote well in advance of the polling date! 
(pro = no queue; con = no #democracysausage)

Whichever way your political compass swings, we've got plants to show your true colours. More stylish than a pollie's face on a stick!

Here, representing the party colours that have members in the House of Representatives pre election, are :

Vote RED

vote red vote red vote red

It's easy to fly the red flag in gardens.

If you have a tropical or subtropical climate, choose tropical anthurium - the Red Victory cultivar might be appropriate!, ixora, hibiscus such as Cairo Red and Psyche, NZ Christmas bush (Metrosideros), and if you have space for a shade tree, poinciana.

In native gardens, plant giant gymea lily, and heaps of kangaroo paw, grevillea, and bottlebrush varieties, .

For cold-climate regions there's spring tulips, winter-flowering ornamental quince, the colourful leaves of nandina and photinia hedges, and azalea - Red Wings, Autumn Fire, and Autumn Bravo are the reddest.

Plenty of native trees vote red too : firewheel tree (Stenocarpus), tree waratah (Alloxylon), flame tree (Brachychiton), flowering gum (Corymbia, Eucalyptus), and NSW Christmas bush (Ceratopetalum).
Ra ra team red!

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vote blue vote blue vote blue

There's not many true blue flowers in nature, but those there are, are very sought after.

For a grassy natural look, plant liriope, native dianella, agapanthus, spring flowering Dutch iris and grape hyacinth.

For bolder blue impact, there's evolvulus and convolvulus , plumbago, and hydrangea - if you have acid soil. If your soil is neutral or alkaline, better plant into containers of ericaceous compost first to get the right shade!

Rarely seen and worth waiting for, are the pure blues of ceanothus or California lilac, blue butterfly bush (Clerodendrum ugandense), and blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchum).

Pair rugged rosemary alongside herbaceous blue favourites salvia (especially African Sky, Marine Blue, and Costa Rica cultivars), ajuga, and catmint (Nepeta). They'll all grow in patio pots or garden beds.

If you're really dinky di, then kangaroo lobelia (Dampiera), Baby Blue viola and morning iris (Orthrosanthus) will paint your garden native.
Blue for you!

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vote yellow vote yellow vote yellow

It's the colour of the national flower, it's the colour of so many flowers.

You're spoiled for choice, especially if you favour natives. There's wattle (Acacia) of course! Look out too for groundcover goodenia, yellow buttons (Chrysocephalum) , kangaroo paw Bush Zest and Yellow Gem, and snake vine (Hibbertia).

Native banksia, grevillea (especially Canterbury Gold, Sandra Gordon, Yamba Sunshine), and golden penda will add height to an all-native garden. If you don't mind mixing it up, add in golden trumpet tree Tabebuia) and forsythia for masses of golden yellow flower.

Or pick exotic blooms : allamanda Sunee, easy-to-grow sunflower, drought tolerant gazania, frost-hardy daffodil, and Mexican marigold.
Go for gold!

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vote green vote green vote green

Green is the colour of nature and gardens, so showing your support is easy as.

There's heaps of classic reliable evergreens for all climates : lilly pilly, viburnum, box, carissa Desert Star, and Leighton Green conifer.

A little sparkle of white flowers lightens the mood and adds sweet scent to a frost-free garden with gardenia, mock orange, star jasmine. (trachelospermum), Little Gem magnolia, and port wine magnolia (Michelia).

euonymus, and holly.

Jazz it up with variegated green and white leaves of euonymus Silver Pillar, fittonia White Tiger, White Angel, Starlight, and Lovers; serissa Snow Leaves, pinstriped philodendron Birkin, and pittosporum.
Team Green!

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Staying Neutral? 

If you prefer to show your allegiance in the ballot box rather than the garden bed, then purple and pink is the way to go!

There's a huge range of flowers in all kinds of pink-purple shades from soft shell to deep magenta, plus shrubs and groundcovers with pink-purple foliage to complement.

You'll get a garden that's super-pretty pastel, or full of bright drama, depending on how intense your colour palette is; and no-one will know which way you vote.
Win Win!